The Liberty Amendment

Liberty, freedom and sovereignty restored to all Americans

The Liberty Amendment will win the battle
on 45 issues all at once

DO YOU GET ANGRY? We are constantly being maneuvered into a series of new battles against violations of our individual rights and lost liberties to be fought at the time and place the enemy selects. We are told with authority that "we can't win them all". The fact is, we have hardly won any, up to now.

Despite this, there is a sure way to protect ourselves against all present and potential invasions to our liberties, and to regain the ground already lost. Thomas Jefferson told us there was but one way to do it, "bind down those we are obliged to trust with power by the chains of the Constitution." The rules were established by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution, and had it been kept in full force and effect, we would have had few lost liberties.

If we fight the hard way, as we have been doing, one fruitless battle at a time we will be drawn into a battle on every issue our enemy wants to fight, and on the terms the enemy imposes. The skillful multiplication of these minor conquests was designed to exhaust us and leave us little time, energy, or resources for the main job of restoring freedom.

The Liberty Amendment has been designed to fight all these different battles on a multitude of issues all at once – and WIN by restoring the Constitution to full force and effect. Look over the following list of battles that will be won by the application of the Liberty Amendment, then let's get together for the main event and win them at once, because the Liberty Amendment will:

  1. Kill the specter of inflation.
  2. Restore the right of the people to take home a full pay check.
  3. End the involuntary servitude of the "Withholding" system.
  4. Halt the confiscation of land and enterprise, restoring both to the people and state jurisdiction.
  5. Restore to the people the right to have their local city and county officials run affairs without federal dictation or mandates.
  6. Transfer to the states and the people the millions of acres of land now held by the federal government in violation of the Constitution.
  7. Prevent the destruction of our sovereign nation by one world governance with unelected global elitists bureaucrats.
  8. Put an end to the IRS audits of personal income and affairs and being used to harass and intimidate citizens who speak up for their rights.
  9. Restore the Constitution and put us back on the road to greatness
  10. Balance the budget by limiting spending to constitutionally specified purposes – this will reduce the cost to one that we can afford.
  11. Cut the cost of the federal government in less than half.
  12. Protect private property and enterprise from political corruption, and end the unconstitutional federal government land grab projects.
  13. Suspend the princely privilege of rent free, tax exempt political enterprises.
  14. Get the power business back to economic management.
  15. Stop the corruption of urban renewal.
  16. Abolish all the unconstitutional projects under the guise of environmental protection and job safety.
  17. Put the defense department back into the business of defending us instead of competing with those that it defends.
  18. Restore the defense of the United States against attack by enemies, both foreign and domestic, as the first and primary responsibility of the Federal Government, as intended by the Founders of the Constitution.
  19. Halt the federal failing operation and control of schools and restore control to local jurisdiction.
  20. Permanently arrest the threat of socialized medicine.
  21. Stop the impoverishment of the people with our so-called poverty programs.
  22. Eliminate the threat of mental health programs.
  23. Disengage us from detrimental international entanglements and unconstitutional use of our military.
  24. Reestablish our independence from foreign domination.
  25. Stop the federal government from being the number one arms merchant of the world.
  26. Reassert the power of liberty to the captive peoples of the world.
  27. Terminate Supreme Court violations of the Constitution.
  28. Eliminate the special privilege of the tax exempt foundations (so many of which currently support anti-liberty activities) by extending tax exemption to all.
  29. Restore farm control to farmers and eliminate farm subsidies.
  30. Stop the issuance of "funny money" and restore a sound currency Put coinage back into the hands of Congress.
  31. Stop the terrible waste of billions of hours and billions of dollars worth of effort now spent in filling out unnecessary federal government forms.
  32. Cut-off "Foreign Aid" to foreign tyrants.
  33. Stop the political foul-up of our economy.
  34. Get our own innovative industrial economy moving again.
  35. Put the people in control of energy instead of having federal interference for the benefit of special interest.
  36. Restore to elected state and local governments the powers which have been usurped by unelected "regional government" bureaucracies.
  37. It will put and end to the federal takeover of local police forces through the system of federal grants and control, and restore "Posse Comitatus" to full force and effect.
  38. It will stop the federal government from funding programs which incite racial strife and tensions.
  39. It will let the people put an end to the energy "crisis" instead of having the government make it worse as an excuse for more taxes.
  40. It will let the people concentrate on useful pursuits instead spending time, energy, and money playing the crazy "tax loophole" game.
  41. It will restore the American Dream for the young people of being able to own their own homes.
  42. Establish the blessings of equity and justice in all our business relations.
  43. Enable the people to support the charities of their choice instead of being forced at the point of a gun to support those "good causes" selected by the bureaucrats.
  44. Eliminate the abusive use of the Executive Order and Presidential Decisions to make laws and implement provisions of unratified treaties by withholding funds from unconstitutional activities, thus eliminating government by fiat.
  45. ... and oh yes, last but by no means least:
  46. It will repeal the federal personal income tax.

"Liberty and property are victimized by arbitrary, oppressive taxes. A just security to property is not afforded by that government under which unequal taxes oppress one species of property and reward another species: where arbitrary taxes invade the domestic sanctuaries of the rich, and excessive taxes grind the faces of the poor..." – James Madison (Essay, The National Gazette, 1792)

Note: As does ours, where 50% of the taxpayers pay 96% of the taxes, 5% of the taxpayers pay 75% of the taxes and 1% of the taxpayers pay 33% of the taxes

Since so many problems will be solved by this one act – and since so many peoples' special areas of interest are covered by it – why shouldn't we apply ourselves to the one great task of passing the Liberty Amendment?

There is no need to fight on all the separate fronts when we can unite and approach freedom from the positive standpoint. The Liberty Amendment will automatically eliminate many threats we now fear, rectify wrongs that have occurred, and promote a climate of freedom and security for all of us.

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