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To restore our individual liberty and our national sovereignty, an all-out effort is needed to obtain ratification of the Liberty Amendment. Therefore, we must ask ourselves: what individual liberty and freedom from the oppression of unlimited government are worth to us, to our children, and to our grandchildren? Just what can we do and how hard should we, as individuals, try to restore the full force and effectiveness of our Constitution.

Urgent Action
for the Ratification of
The Liberty Amendment

We Now Have Four More Years — But Time is Running Out

Double Action Shots for Liberty Heard Around the World

The strategy is to attack on two fronts simultaneously This we believe, will shorten the time to bring about the submission of The Liberty Amendment to all of the States for their ratification. The double attack consists of:

  1. Stirring Up The States, All Having an Axe to Grind

    Generate a ground swell of letters to our respective State Legislature Senators and Representatives requesting the early introduction, debate and endorsement of the Liberty Amendment by resolution, as described in the sections below. This effort to get a sufficient number of State endorsements of the Liberty Amendment is believed to be an absolute necessity to get the Congress to take favorable action on H.J. Res 15 by approving the subsequent submission to the States for ratification.
  2. Rallying Support for H.J.Res 15 in Congress

    Simultaneously, we will motivate a large number of letters and petitions supporting H.J. Res 15 to our Representatives and Senators in the United States Congress, and also to the House Committee on the Judiciary, where this resolution now languishes. This Direct Support of H.J. Res 15 will alert our representatives, both senators and representatives, of the spreading awareness of this movement.
By This Synergistic Action on the part of dedicated activist citizens, driven by a passion to regain the freedom and individual liberty, we can exert the pressure necessary to persuade our state legislatures to act. The resolutions of endorsement of the Liberty Amendment by only fifteen or twenty more states would, very likely, be all the support H.J. Res 15 would need to get Congress to approve the submission to the states for ratification.

Specific details on how this two-pronged attack to persuade Congress to submit the Liberty Amendment to the states for their ratification are given below.

Willis Stone, the author of The Liberty Amendment, used the phrase below, consisting of ten little two-letter words, to emphasize the importance of individual effort in the drive for the ratification of the Amendment:


It is in this spirit, that we propose urgent action by all freedom-loving Americans. You, as an individual, or by a group effort, can accomplish the specific actions we propose, through:

Petitions to both your State Legislatures and the U.S. Congress: There Is No Time To Lose

We suggest that every freedom loving American prepare a letter to both Representative and Senator at his or her State Government, without delay, requesting they introduce the Liberty Amendment for debate and approval by resolution by their legislatures, and then to the U.S. House Representatives and Senators as well.

Each letter must be carefully composed to be effective. See the sample letter as a guide. Be absolutely certain that your letter advises the legislators of the extreme importance of using the exact wording of the Amendment as it now exists in preparing his introduction for a resolution of endorsement.

If this is not done and different wording is considered and approved by the State Senate and House of Representatives, much time can be wasted and the process would have to be repeated.

A large number of spontaneous letters or petitions to both State and U.S.Legislators, individually prepared, but accurately stating the wording of the Liberty Amendment, can be just as persuasive as a single petition by an equally large group. The synergism of a large number of letters will be effective in the persuasion of our State legislators to sponsor and introduce resolutions of endorsement of The Liberty Amendment. And, the effect of your individual letter written to your Congressional Representative, along with thousands of others, will be to convince Congress that the support of the amendment is rapidly building.

First, we strongly recommend that you take the time, to learn as much as possible about the Liberty Amendment from this website, and then do all you can to educate others about the Liberty Amendment, its purpose and how it will benefit them.

When your letter to your state legislator has been completed and sent, waste no time before sending a similar letter to your Congressional Representative, asking he or she to join Congressman Ron Paul by sponsoring HJ15, The Liberty Amendment.

Discuss The Liberty Amendment in any organization of which you are a member. If the organization can be so motivated, have it prepare a petition to send to the state legislature.

Your local organization could then work hard to generate not only its own, but also solicit as many phone calls, emails and petition letters from the people in the community as possible. The group petitions prepared for both U.S. and State Legislators must emphasize the absolute necessity to introduce the resolution for endorsement with the Liberty Amendment worded accurately with respect to every section of the article. Again, see the sample letter.

What are our expected results from this Battle to Persuade our State Legislators? The approval of each State Legislature of the specifically worded Liberty Amendment by Resolution would be followed by a certification to Congress requesting that the Liberty Amendment be submitted to the States for ratification . It is our belief that with two thirds of the States (which is only a little more than twice the number already approving) proposing this specifically worded Amendment that Congress will not be able to justify a call for a State Convention for the proposal of amendments. With two thirds of the States proposing this specific Amendment, we believe Congress could be compelled by the States to submit the Liberty Amendment, as proposed, for Ratification without a convention.

On 28 January 2003 Congressman Ron Paul introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives, which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary as House Joint Resolution 15 (H.J. Res 15). This resolution proposed an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relative to abolishing personal income, estate, and gift taxes and prohibiting the United States Government from engaging in business in competition with its citizens.

This proposed amendment is, in fact, the well-known LIBERTY AMENDMENT. The proposed amendment of H.J. Res 15, in all of the sections of the "Article", has the exact wording of THE LIBERTY AMENDMENT. This is an absolute necessity in view of the endorsements, so far, of precisely the same worded provisions of the Amendment by nine states – Wyoming, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Arizona and Indiana.

Our recent federal election, in which we chose to extend President Bush's Republican administration for four more years, gives us no time to relax. Instead, it could very well be the last chance that citizens of the United States, who love freedom and individual liberty, have to help in achieving the ratification of this amendment. Whether or not this Republican administration and our Republican majority in Congress is serious in their expressed advocacy of smaller and more Constitutional government, we have a chance to win this battle to give back the full force and effectiveness to our Constitution.

We do not believe that endorsement by the full two-thirds of the states will be necessary to persuade Congress to submit the amendment for ratification, when they too have been already been made aware of the wide approval by the massive letters and petitions requesting the submission.

There is nothing new in this approach with the exception of the use of the Internet for education and coordination. The successful results of individual and group persuasion of the state legislatures has been proven by the nine States so far approving The Liberty Amendment. The persuasive power of concerted action by groups and individuals exerted on our representatives in government is demonstrated daily. But, almost all of this power of persuasion by groups or factions, being exerted today, is counter to our liberty and limited government.

The time is ripe to turn the tables and mobilize what appears, from the recent elections, to be a growing number of we Americans who are alarmed at the recent sudden explosive growth in unconstitutional powers and activities of the federal government, An urgent effort to expedite ratification of The Liberty Amendment can rescue our Republic and return these powers, which were reserved to the States and the people by the Constitution and restore sovereignty and lost liberties to the American people.

We intend to utilize the rapid spread of information by this website and email to all those who cherish freedom. Our educational and action initiative is very similar to that made after WWII by Willis Stone, the author of the Liberty Amendment, but with the considerable advantage in communication speed and capacity of the Internet.

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