An Ode to Liberty

by Dean Crumly • August, 1994
I could call myself Republican,
And you'd probably vote for me.
Come, to think of it, if I lied like that,
That's exactly what I'd be.

We've been telling you what would happen
For a little over twenty years.
The Founders told you even earlier,
It's like you'd lost your ears.

Now it's starting to happen,
And as you look: to place the blame.
Look no further than a mirror.
You and the guilty are the same.

Is it too late? Can we stop it?
Who knows, only time will tell.
If we can't, if you won't help us,
You'll need no description of hell.

Socialism never works,
Never has nor ever will.
There ain't no free lunch or anything else,
Someone always gets the bill.

It's failed all over earth,
Each place it's ever been tried.
Does that slow down the Republicrats?
No – they'll continue 'till we're fried.

I'm not a Republican or a Democrat.
Nor any combination of the two.
I'm a Libertarian and proud of it.
If you're for freedom, I'm with you.

Some Republicans for gun control,
Some Democrats AGAINST!
Why can't Americans see,
They have no consistent stance.

The two major parties are corrupt,
Of that there's no dispute.
Lies, lies and compromise,
They're rotten to the root.

The only way to reform them,
Is to give them quite a scare.
From outside their present system,
But first – you must start to care.

And until you do begin to care,
And start to break that chain,
You'll just keep sitting on the couch,
Watching liberty go down the drain.

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